Handling and utilizing exploding volumes of data in the ERP systems is an increasingly differentiating success factor for companies in all industries and sizes.

Business Intelligence (BI) offers the functions, methods, architectures and applications that let organizations take full advantage of their data.

However, if you are working in a small or medium sized organization, chances are that you are frustrated by the architectures and methods generally used for implementing business intelligence systems. They are - quite frankly - very complex.


Because they were developed by and for large organizations where data resides in multiple and often arcance systems with whopping volumes of data.

Smaller organizations have much simpler preconditions. A fact that you can put to your advantage if you employ the correct architecture, functions and methods when developing and implementing your BI system.

Learn business intelligence (BI)

This business intelligence tutorial is all about such things. By reading this book you will become not only a BI expert but also trained in how BI is most efficiently implemented in small and medium sized organizations.

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