2. Preface

2.1 Learn business intelligence

Business intelligence is a growing area of business optimization focused on utilization of an organization's data. Business intelligence projects have consistently proved to increase profits and competitiveness of the organizations that implement it.

The understanding, methodology and available technologies for developing business intelligence systems have reached a level of maturity where even smaller organizations can reap the benefits. In fact, with recent evolution in hardware and software, smaller organizations even have distinct advantages over larger organizations that allow them to develop BI systems faster, with less costs and with significant functional advantages.

This is the right time to learn business intelligence and with this book the subject is as easily accessible as ever before.

2.2 About the author

This book is written by Nikolaj Henrichsen, co-founder of Acinta Intelligence Technology and inventor of Acinta’s business intelligence products. Before starting Acinta Intelligence Technology, Nikolaj built a solid experience within business intelligence in positions as developer, architect and project manager respectively of data warehouse initiatives at large Danish companies, FDB (now Coop Danmark) and BG Bank (later merged with Danske Bank).

At Acinta Intelligence Technology Nikolaj Henrichsen has designed and implemented more than 40 business intelligence systems at various small and medium sized organizations and has achieved a unique experience and insight into the characteristics of business intelligence solutions in smaller organizations.

With this book Nikolaj shares with us the knowledge, techniques and insights that he has accumulated over the years that are the secrets of successful design and implementation of business intelligence systems in small organizations.

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2.3 Intended audience

This book is aimed at practitioners within the field of business intelligence, more specifically technical consultants and advisors who need to design and implement business intelligence solutions. The book gives a grounds-up introduction to business intelligence so the reader is not required to have prior experience with business intelligence solutions.

The book takes its offspring in Lean Business Intelligence, which is a set of technologies and methods aimed at making business intelligence solutions as simple and effortless as possible to implement and maintain. Thus, the primary audience is BI practitioners within smaller organizations and departments in larger organizations.

One particular audience that this book aims at is technical consultants studying for certification in Acinta’s business intelligence software and as such the book is based on the Acinta Intelligence Suite set of BI applications. The book also serves for self-studying and for preparing exams in basic Acinta certifications.

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  1. This could be interesting.. I's just looking around for such a write up which will provide me with the insight much needed. Hoping to get as much architectural and design knowledge in Lean BI as I's expecting... Will comment more as I read on.. thanks an Ton..

    BLR - India